Economic Development is about positioning your region for growth so that when the markets and industry move, you are ready for success. We anticipate growth and look for ways to enable you to take advantage of existing business expansion as well as attracting those that may want to relocate or establish themselves in your area. Our focus is on both physical and social infrastructure offerings that are often required by companies as a prerequisite for locating in your area. Knowing what you have is a very small piece of the puzzle. Creating a strategy that leads to design, construction and operation of facilities takes time and requires stakeholder engagement which is crucial to a project’s success. Community leaders, economic development professionals, environmental interest groups, organized labor, neighborhood groups and media all play a key role in whether or not a project is successfully developed.

Our approach is to use our experience we have gained over years of advising and working with multi-disciplinary teams on transformational projects. We develop and utilize strategies aimed at reducing project risk by identifying triggers that can lead to opposition or that can stall projects. We then work to eliminate those triggers through practical analysis of the legal, technical, financial, political and regulatory framework that requires coordination of the project team and ultimately the public’s support.

Our services generally include:

  • Public/Private Partnership development – successful development of projects requires cooperation by all stakeholders. We are proficient in bringing stakeholders together to consensus regarding project planning, funding and ultimate development.
  • Alignment of resources and future growth potential.
  • Lead public forums and social, trade and civic functions with community, neighborhood and business organizations.
  • Monitor publications and networks for relevant information that will be utilized to develop appropriate strategies.
  • Assist in being actively responsive to public concerns and/or elected officials’ concerns
  • Facilitate communication between project teams and the public and between project teams, regulators, financiers, community residents and local government.
  • Monitor incentives and actions of various agencies involved in regional planning and economic development and engage in compliance activities related to grants and incentives
  • Provide communication support; develop communications plans

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