Amanus Group has participated in over $1 billion in projects in the United States. Our clients rely on us to navigate the intricate relationships between government officials, permitting agencies, project financers, engineers and construction contractors. Below, please find a brief summary of relevant projects in which Amanus Consulting Group has participated as a team member.


Luther ForestLuther Forest Technology Campus
Amanus continues to lead the development of Luther Forest Technology Campus, one of the largest public-private economic development projects in the United States. The team provides overall project leadership and strategic direction and oversees the daily operations, financing and construction. Our combined strength in skilled team building allows for project success while working closely with United States Federal Agencies (Department of Energy and The Army Corps of Engineers), the New York State Governor’s office and the numerous permitting agencies, public organizations and privately-held businesses. Our continued involvement has kept the development and growth of the Campus on track.

Medical Office Campus project
Medical Office CampusThe Amanus team provided strategic advice to a project owner in connection with a medical office campus. Our team coordinated communications among the landowner, the developer and the owner regarding operation and management of the facility, financing and leasing/ownership of the project facility. Because of our ability to translate among the various parties, substantial time was saved in realizing the ultimate structure of the project.

Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC) – Owned by Mubadala Development Company, Abu Dhabi
Upon the successful siting of GLOBALFOUNDRIES USA., The Amanus Group participated in a site selection process in Abu Dhabi on behalf of ATIC. Amanus reviewed and commented on social infrastructure such as educational opportunities for ex pat children, available housing and health care. Our team also supported the engineering team’s review of physical infrastructure such as overhead electric utilities, water desalinization, waste water and physical site characteristics. Ultimately, ATIC did not move forward with the building of this project based partly on the timely and accurate information our team was able to provide.


Vermont Green Line
Vermont Green LineAmanus is part of the team responsible for an electric transmission development project connecting the electrical transmission grids in the State of New York and the State of Vermont with a 115 kV, 400 MW transmission line. Amanus is responsible for New York State activity, overseeing community development, public relations, government relations and support of legal and strategic analysis of factors relating to right of way acquisition. Our ability to build relationships among relevant stakeholders in New York has led to project support and approval by municipal entities in less than a year’s time.

Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee
Amanus’ executive team provided strategic advice on infrastructure development related to the establishment of an advanced manufacturing facility in Abu Dhabi. At the request of the Technology Development Committee, Amanus provided guidance on both physical and social infrastructure needs within Abu Dhabi as they related to the siting of an advanced manufacturing facility.

Micro Grid Project Development

Micro Grid Project DevelopmentAmanus is often asked in the early stages of a project to identify power challenges for businesses in technology or industrial parks. Once challenges are identified, we are able to provide options for financeable and technically viable energy systems. We often then lead the project team to manage the many pieces that make up a larger scale energy project.


Town of Moreau
Amanus undertook a project to assist the Town of Moreau with a strategic initiative to create a sewer district within the Town. Our team was involved in the oversight of the plan and wrote several grant applications on behalf of the Town for State funding through the Capital District Regional Council.

Port of Coeymans
Port of CoeymansAmanus was involved with the Port of Coeymans in connection with the creation of a vision for the development of real property owned by the Port and utilized in various projects, including the building of the new Tappan Zee Bridge. Our strategic advice included a review of existing and potential infrastructure and an analysis of incentives available for development. The Port continues to implement the vision and has grown tremendously over the past few years.


Our manufacturing clients have included SiGNa Chemistry, Inc., Suneris, Inc. and Zumtobel Group. We are often asked by manufacturing clients to undertake review and analysis of infrastructure (both existing and potential) and incentives, to conduct site selection activities on their behalf, generally with a focus on specific infrastructure or energy needs, real property contract negotiation and regulatory support. While we are not experts in the manufacturing process of each of our clients, we are able to understand their operational needs and help find solutions for economical and timely start up, scale up or relocation.